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Editor | March 26, 2014

by Peter Jakey–Managing Editor, Presque Isle Newspaper

Acclaimed maritime artist and Great Lakes sailor Steve Witucki has applied his talent toward the cover of the just released novel, “Glimpse of Sunlight Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey, Book 1.”

The former Rogers Cityan is known for his historic murals of Great Lakes freighters, including realistic recreations of the Bradley and Cedarville.

The book is about Jonathan Dickinson, who was traveling from Port Royal, Jamaica to Philadelphia and became shipwrecked and captured by Indians in Florida more than 300 hundred years ago. He later wrote a journal.

Stephen and Shelley

 Illustrator, Steve Witucki & wife Artist Shelly Witucki

MICHELE AND Steve Witucki proudly display the book. They live in Port St. Lucie, Florida. He is currently sailing the Great Lakes and has been for more than 30 years.

“I read the journal about three years ago and said this should be made into a movie,” said co-author Glenn Gardiner. He saw Witucki’s portfolio of work and was amazed.

“He wanted to join us on our book project,” said Gardiner. Along with the cover, Witucki has provided 13 illustrations. There will be two more books, which Witucki already has completed the covers for.

Witucki’s art and the authors’ word painting capture the novel’s international landscape and memorable views.

Witucki is making a quick name for himself in the Sunshine State.

“It doesn’t matter where my dad lives regionally, his artistic abilities are very adaptable and it makes him a desired commodity,” said daughter Heidi Witucki, who still lives in Rogers City. “Gardiner has told me he has many other projects in store for my dad and for me as well, because he and I are co-authoring another book together.”

Heidi said Gardiner is a talented writer, who is very imaginative and unique.


Glimpse of Sunlight Co-Authors, Leona DeRosa Bodie & GE Gardiner

“Any history buff is going to love what Glenn and Leona Bodie did with this book and anyone looking to escape for a few hours is going to enjoy the adventure,” said Heidi. “Look for more things to come from my dad, Steve, the only hint I can give you is you may see some of his artwork on Broadway.” He is the artist for a Broadway musical premiering in early 2016. He recently finished a mural for Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation in Lake Okeechobee, Florida.

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